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Regardless of the situation, the individual, the difficulty, the pressure, the problem or the challenge that I have to face, every day, I put my diplomacy forward when I need to exchange, interact or convince my peers.

I truly value diplomacy because it has always brought to me positive results and has enabled me to build healthy and lasting relationships. 

Highly correlated with diplomacy, respect is at the heart of my daily attitude. It is characterised by accepting differences, understanding each other's points of view and considering them as complementary combination for success.

I highly value respect because it allows to build solid relationships regardless of how different we can think/be.  



The intention behind our actions can significantly amplify the impact we have on others. Being benevolent is an act of mindfulness to ensure that in each situation my actions do not negatively affect my peers.
I value benevolence because it reminds me the importance of our intentions and helps me to focus on solutions instead of problems.
In an increasingly self-centred society, it is important to keep an altruistic spirit and help those who find themselves in difficulty. 

I highly value altruism because it allows me to learn more about sharing and mutual support, which is essential in an increasingly competitive environment. 


Surpassing oneself
No matter how good we are, there is always room for learning and improvement. Excellence is not a destination, It's rather a process, a journey that aims to keep me at my best every day. 
I value surpassing myself and nurturing a continuous improvement mindset as it reminds me that nothing in life is granted, for any given good (or bad) reason.


Creativity & Innovation

I am strong believer that creativity & innovation do change paradigms. It allows me to push boundaries, question my own habits and imagine things that can help people in the long run.
Born positive & proactive
Every single day, I feel lucky and thankful for the people that I met and the things I accomplish. Life is not easy, but I've chosen to be positive and proactive to embrace challenges and take the best out of them.
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